Wyld Thicket

The Wyld Thicket is a section of forestland in south-central Elaysm that is home to the largest number of wyldlings in Torar. It is the result of a number of knots, normal wyldling communities, that grew into each other, forming a wide network of interconnectedness.

Like all knots, the wyldlings' homes and other buildings are grown naturally from the plants and integrate seamlessly into nature, using bioluminescent plants and fungi for lighting, carefully cultivated streams and waterfalls for clean water and irrigation, and even grow crops or herd animals in ways that to others would be indistinguishable from naturally occurring clumps of plant and animal life.

Due to its nature, it is extremely difficult to find without a wyldling to guide visitors to it. Further, the Thicket is protected by its Tenders, druids and rangers whose duty it is to safeguard the Thicket and guide its growth. The Thicket is led by one of the wyldling firstborn named Nepenthes Taraxacum, who is unique among wyldlings due to, among other qualities, her unusual name. She welcomes all wyldlings to the Thicket and allows most visitors as well, though she keeps them watched if she believes them to be potentially dangerous to the Thicket or her people.

Noone is quite sure how old the Thicket is, but it is estimated to be no more than one or two hundred years old and is already the size of other large cities in Torar. Such an organic city has unlimited potential for growth, and it is possible the Thicket may one day spread to encompass nearly all of the Elaysian forestlands.