Veloria is the goddess of the four primal elements: air, earth, fire, and water. She is sometimes depicted as four separate goddesses, identical but composed of a different element, and sometimes as a single deity with traits that are a combination of all four elements.


Lady of Winds, Lady of Flames, Lady of Stone, Lady of Waves.

Current StatusEdit





A square or circle divided into four quadrants that are: red with four vertical wavy lines in the upper left, green with four horizontal straight lines in the upper right, white with four vertical straight lines in the lower left, and blue with four horizontal wavy lines in the lower right. These are symbols of her fire, earth, air, and water aspects, respectively.


Fire, Mountain, Sea, Sky.

Era of AscendanceEdit

Era of Enlightenment

Typical WorshippersEdit

Velorians, or worshippers of Veloria, are most common among the wyldlings and dwarves. Farmers, fishermen, sailors, or others who deal with the natural elements of the world on a regular basis are also common worshippers of at least one of Veloria's aspects. Also, elemental creatures tend to worship Veloria.

Avatar DescriptionEdit

Veloria is most commonly seen as a beautiful woman whose body lacks fine definition (such as belly buttons, fingernails, and so forth) and is composed of one or more of the elements she represents. Seen as a capraicious and unpredictable goddess, the tales of her appearances are almost as varied as the number of tellers.

Known ArtifactsEdit

Cinderfell, a pair of brass bracelets with rubies cut to resemble flames adorning them. Cinderfell is said to empower any weapon wielded by the person wearing the bracelets with powerful fiery effects. This artifact was last seen during the Era of Exploration in the possession of Merric Ul'murrin, a fistfighter in Deeptown, Ghdros.

Associated HolidaysEdit

Beltane, Dyoc 1st. Also known as the summer festival, in participating communities special holy earth is brought in to the center of the community upon which a bonfire fueled with specially treated wood is lit. All household fires are doused with water poured from holy containers and relit with fire or embers from the bonfire. Worshippers will often dance around the fire, or sometimes leap over it.