Lady of Light


High Priestess of Meyne and Queen of Lados


Thera, or properly Hanatheratris Dawnwing, is the last of a member of angelic humans called paladri, who all died out during the Culling. During her adventuring career she was widely unremarked, with the exception of managing a deal in which kobolds were given their own island in the Pla'thos archipelago.

She had already been named the high priestess of Meyne before the Culling began, and it was in the early days of that era's beginning that she began to truly make her mark. When Voodroth was slain and all the dead of Torar rose from their graves and returned from their eternal rest, it was her faith that in the end drove them back into their graves. She created a safe haven at the Cathedral of Meyne in Lados, and refugees flocked to her from all over the world for protection from the undead hordes. She turned away none, but rather than simply providing shelter, she began to train others in the ways of Meyne, and so through her power and charisma his teachings were spread, and her disciples were sent out across the land to protect other communities, until eventually the undead threat ended.

As the wars and destruction of the Culling ramped up in intensity, her protection over the Cathedral and her flock remained untouched, a beacon of hope and place of succor for all. Her generosity and unwavering spirit engendered love for her in all those whose lives she touched.

During the Era of Heroes, she was second only to King Merric XII in the Kingdom of Man's political power. However, Merric XII had no heirs as he grew older, and named her to be his successor. Thus when he died, she inherited the entire continent of Lados as her flock.

Thera is compassionate and kind, and sometimes seen as the ancient goddess Akbeth reborn. Her rule has raised the church to become the primary political power in Lados, and her devout nature has forged an alliance between humans and jendau, who are also a very devout people. It is this alliance that is the primary obstacle to Starveil's dream of a godless Torar. Despite this, she holds no ill will toward him or his beliefs, and wants only to live in harmony, a sentiment he agrees with.