Lord of the Night Sky


Ruler of the Moriedhel


Starveil rose to power during the end of the Era of Exploration and led the drow, veldritch, and molthar people through the Culling and into the Era of Heroes. He mantains his rulership of the moriedhel people along with his queen Katsumi Bladesong, Zafara's daughter, and their two children.

Starveil began the anti-divinity crusade during the Era of Heroes, having once been one of the veldritch, twisted and controlled by the dark god Zardesh during previous eras. After Zafara slew the Dark One and freed the veldritch, Starveil attended Sendrellar as an envoy of his people, learning everything he could about magic, but finding his true calling in stellar astromancy. There he progressed through his studies at a meteoric pace, growing in power expotentially faster than any other students. A decade or so before the Culling would begin he returned to his people and became a prominent figure, a symbol of the veldritch throwing off their chains.

During the Culling his leadership and cunning united the drow, veldritch, and molthar into the Dark Brotherhood, one of the four prominent political bodies emerging from that time of chaos. Through marriage with the elven princess Katsumi Bladesong, and the gift of Ashe'ileq to the beleagered and dying jendau people, he solidified an end to old hatreds and a lasting friendship with the Elven Alliance which endures through today by way of the friendships often formed between moriedhel and elves.

Starveil has proven to be a compassionate and intelligent leader, though not one afraid to use force when necessary. Despite his crusade against the gods, many across the world admire him and his desire to see a peaceful and unified Torar.