Seindoron is the capital city of the moriedhel. It can be found on the southwestern coast of Amuan. Founded by Starveil as a Dark Brotherhood foothold on the new land during the Era of Heroes, Seindoron is a city of scholars and learning. There are many towers throughout it, as well as the distinctive moriedhel architectural style.

It is an open, beautiful, and inviting place for visitors, and has an exceptionally low crime rate. This is due in a large part to the secret police of Seindoron, who have taken their name from the old empire of drow, veldritch and molthar: the Dark Brotherhood. This elite sect of ninjas are indistinguishable from normal citizens... until a crime is committed. At that point they strike with swift and brutal efficiency to bring the criminal to justice with a punishment that is normally fitted to the crime. For example, theft will earn the thief either indentured servitude to the victim for a time depending on the value of the stolen goods, or the loss of a hand, at the criminal's choice, to be decided then and there and to be carried out by the Brotherhood member who caught the thief.

Thus many find Seindoron to be one of the safest places in Torar. Mentors for nearly every subject of lore and every profession can be found here as well, leading to a diverse and constantly changing demographic of visitors. The amount and breadth of knowledge available in Seindoron is rivaled only by the libraries of Sendrellar. However, in Seindoron anyone can access the knowledge after paying a small fee, rather than restricting it to students and alumni as Sendrellar does.

Some others find Seindoron to be a godless den of hedonism and blasphemy. The city, ruled directly by Starveil and Katsumi, has no temples, no churches, and public worship is unlawful. Add to that the moriedhel style fashions that more conservative cultures call scandalous, and the free and open attitude toward sexual relations and some mild recreational drugs, and it is not difficult to see why.