Okarthel is the home city of dragons. It is found in northern Ashenthorn, near the continent's western coast. Unlike most of this region, the land around Okarthel is alive, if still rugged, and filled with massive herds of buffalo and other prairie and savannah dwelling herd animals. The skies above Okarthel are filled with flights of dragons the way the sky above a field is filled with flocks of birds, giving an awe-inspiring greeting to any visitors.

The land surrounding Okarthel is covered with deep grooves and impact craters from draconic landings and fights, and can be somewhat treacherous to travel through for those unable to fly. There are no roads that lead to Okarthel, for what need of roads do dragons have?

The city is composed mostly of towers of various heights, all thick and sturdily-enough built to withstand impacts from landing dragons. Atop these towers are perches for dragons to rest on, and for most a magical teleportation area keyed to that specific dragon that leads to his or her horde and lair, usually found underneath the tower itself in a magically-created environment most comfortable for that dragon. However, there is one section of the city that is built to a more human-like scale, and it is here that visitors are kept. This so-called trade quarter contains mercantile establishments run by shapeshifted dragons, inns, taverns, and other amenities necessary for a short to medium length stay. Nearby is the famed Torch Arena, where battles of pride, honor, and dispute resolution are carried out.

The city is ruled by the dragon king Aiel and his queen, an avatar of the draconic goddess of nature Sangaia. While in theory all dragons fall under their rule, there are rare dragons scattered across Torar that think dragons should rule the 'lesser races' instead of coexisting with them, and have set up their own lairs by themselves or in small groups. Despite these malcontents, all manner of dragons may be found within and near Okarthel, from chromatic to metallic, and even some rarer, more exotic dragons.