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The Oracle, The Judge


Judge of the dead


Nymphadora is a siren, originally from the Elemental Plane of Water, capable of taking the form of a human woman. She crossed into the Prime Material sometime in the last century, with the veil between the material and elemental planes thinning as they converged toward one another, along with a handful of others. She spent many years plaguing the most popular shipping lanes with her harem, using her voice to lure in unsuspecting sailors and control the underwater animal population. Before she crossed into the world Nymphadora knew she had a gift of foresight, capable of reading someone's destiny through their expression of art. As settlements became established around Amuan, Nymphadora created an amulet that would allow her to take the form of a human so that she could expand her feeding grounds and read more destinies, and took the name "Adora". Word got out about her ability, however, and a pack of moriedhels attempted to capture her, which resulted in her death. Oros came to her in her hour of twilight and brought her back from the brink of death, so long as she would serve him as leader of the Grey Judges.