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Maeve is a goddess of cruelty, evil, and destruction. Her realm exists in the frozen northern pole of Torar where she sits upon her Glacial Throne surrounded by uncounted hordes of undead horrors.


Lich Queen, Ice Queen, The Vampiress.

Current StatusEdit



Chaotic Evil.


A black vertical line with downward slanting lines coming off on both sides about a third of the way up the line, all on a white background. Some describe it as an upside down pitchfork.


Destruction, Disease, Evil, Winter.

Era of AscendanceEdit

Era of Unification

Typical WorshippersEdit

Only those few who revel in senseless violence and cruelty pay homage to Maeve. This includes nearly all necromancers, as their powers are typically seen as being granted by her. Known as Maevans, these malcontents despise reapers and lionites; both groups known to hunt down and destroy undead and their creators.

Avatar DescriptionEdit

Maeve's avatar has back-length natural red hair, some freckling dots her white with a bluish tinge skin, and glowing blue eyes. Covering her thin frame is heavy armor made of fur linings and thick, chunky dark metal plates. She wields a scythe with handle that looks similar to charred wood or obsidian; the blade adorned with blue runes. Her hair is matted in dreadlock-like clumps of ice, and icecicles hang from her armor as well.

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