LEADERSHIP (Cha; Trained Only)Edit

                Check: You can recruit followers or a cohort, or inspire your men.

                Requirements: The Leadership feat.

                Action: Variable. A Leadership check to recruit followers or a cohort depends on the area you are in. The base DCs are: a thorp is 35; village is 30; small town is 25; large town is 20; small city is 17; large city is 15; metropolis is 10. If your alignment matches that of the settlement you are attempting to recruit from, you gain a +4 bonus. This use of the skill takes 8 hours. You cannot recruit more men or a higher level cohort than your Leadership score allows. Your Leadership score equals your total skill bonus in the Leadership skill.

                To inspire your men requires 1 to 10 minutes. Each minute beyond the first grants you a +1 bonus to the check. The DC is equal to 10 + the average base Will save of the unit of men you are trying to inspire. Success grants the affected men a +2 moral bonus on attack rolls and skill checks for 1d4 minutes, or the end of the next encounter, whichever comes last. This bonus improves by +1 for every 10 points you beat the DC by (the maximum bonus that can be granted is equal to your Cha modifier). All targeted men must be at least Friendly toward you.

                Retry: You may try again to recruit followers or a cohort 1 week after your initial attempt. You may not try to inspire men again until 24 hours or one encounter has passed.

                Special: Class skill for anyone after the Leadership feat is taken.