Koraith is a massive mountain in north-central Elaysm. It's peak is over six miles above sea level, making it the highest point on the planet. Koraith is yetabeth, language of the first recorded race of beings, the yaaredhel, for "Timeless Stone." It is one of three Shards of Creation, leftovers from the Seed, alongside Sendrellar and Ashe'ileq.

This mountain has seen a lot of action over the eons. First, otherworldly beings known as elohim were released from within its depths with the Dark One Zardesh cracked it open with an arrow from his bow. After that, once an uneasy peace settled on the world, it became home to worshippers of Hizos, and dwarves carved out great halls and cities from its flesh. During the Culling, the chasm was closed as the two halves of the mountain were pushed back together by the Enemy in hopes, successful hopes it turned out, of eliminating the dwellers within and upon its slopes. Later during the same era, Empress Zafara Bladesong led her people to its peaks and there they made a stand against the forces of the Enemy, eventually carving out a home.

Today it stands as a monument to her timeless bravery and the courage of the elven people. It houses Kazuyuki, the great elven capital, somewhere near its highest summit. The city include the Iron Palace, home of the elven leader Satora Bladesong, as well as the school of battle which the city was named after. The entire mountain and its surrounding lands are guarded by elven troops led by war dancers, keeping the area secure from attack.

Deep within the crumbling remains of dwarven cities and Hizosian temples can be found, and it is only here where living rock, perhaps the hardest and most rare substance in Torar, can be found. However, the ghosts of slain millions still haunt its halls, restless and driven mad by time and rage, alongside monstrous abominations leftover from the Culling whose only purpose is to seek out and kill anything they can.