Hizos was the god of war and fighting for fighting's sake. Proving strength and emerging victorious were the mantras of those who followed him. It is said that Hizos never lost a battle of any kind.


The Eternal Victor, The Four Swordsman.

Current StatusEdit





A downward pointed blade with a red hilt.


Stoicism, Strength, War.

Era of AscendanceEdit

Era of Enlightenment

Typical WorshippersEdit

Many gladiators and others whose lives revolved fully around combat revered Hizos, along with nearly every meiva that did not worship Emprix. Followers of Hizos rarely prayed or held group rituals like other religions. Instead they would only congregate once per year for the Hizoken, a test of strength, prowess, and cunning in battle.

Avatar DescriptionEdit

A huge man, thickly muscled and almost always shirtless. He was always seen with at least one of four different and unique swords, and which sword he carried was the only way to determine his intentions, as otherwise he was utterly inscrutable.

Known ArtifactsEdit

Wild Rose, Hizos's holy longsword, was said to be as beautiful as it was deadly. It could cut through any resistance, any armor.

Lion Heart, Hizos's shining longsword, was made of nothing but glowing blue light. It granted unshakeable bravery and the fortitude to fight forever to its wielder.

Punishment, Hizos's dark longsword, was covered in glowing red runes. To slay a single opponent with Punishment was to slay all opponents you could see.

Blood Sin, Hizos's cursed longsword, had scythe blades attached to it's length, making it cumbersome and unwieldy. Foes struck with this sword had their entire bloodlines cursed for all past and future generations, and each curse the sword bestowed only increased it's power.

All four of Hizos's swords were last seen recently, in the Era of Unification, being held by the repentant Venir atop Aincrad as prize for the first to reach them.

Associated HolidaysEdit