Endhome was founded during the early years of the Era of Exploration, and quickly grew from a simple pier and inn to a bustling port city. Known then and now as the Gateway to Elaysm, the free city-state of Endhome acts as one of, if not the, most important trade and mercantile hubs in the world.

With a cosmopolitan, if largely human, population, Endhome is a place of equal opportunity. Run by the Circle of Merchants, its laws are more complex and convoluted than a gnomish puzzle box, and that goes double for the economic laws. Likewise, its judicial process is long and involved, often with multiple hearings and layers of punishment.

However, exotic goods from all over the world can be found within the sprawling walls of Endhome, along with information if someone knows the right person to ask. A city this large and wealthy would not be complete without an underbelly. The Shadow Merchants, as this guild of thieves call themselves, is thought to be led by a man known only as Jonesy, though noone knows just what he looks like. Criminals they may be, the Shadow Merchants are true to their name, offering to buy and sell goods and services 'honest' merchants would not, such as poisons or illegal weaponry, not to mention stolen goods that can be bought at discounted prices.

For one reason or another, most adventurers will find themselves walking Endhome's streets at some point in their careers. Whether to stock up on cheap potions, find that one rare piece of equipment they lack, procure illicit substances, or obtain hard to find information, an adventurer can always find something to spend his or her hard-earned money on in Endhome.