Emprix 2


Emprix was the goddess of paladins, crusades, and justice.


The Sword of the People, The Shining Maiden, the Paladin.

Current StatusEdit



Lawful Good.


A silver eye over a golden rising sun.


Good, Sun, War.

Era of AscendanceEdit

Era of Enlightenment

Typical WorshippersEdit

Most paladins revered Emprix, as did many soldiers. Any who fought for the causes of justice and righteousness paid homage to the Shining Maiden. Also among her followers were a large portion of the meiva race.

Avatar DescriptionEdit

A strikingly beautiful woman of pale skin and flaxen hair curled into ringlets around her shoulders. She always was seen wearing shining silver armor, and usually had her shield and sword with her. Sometimes she had angelic white wings, and sometimes she was wingless.

Known ArtifactsEdit

Dawn of Souls. Emprix's sword was a blade of radiant white light that was said to be able to cut through any darkness. It did not kill, but burned away evil and ill intent. It is said that no creature of undeath could withstand its light. It was last seen during the Culling, where it is believed to have been destroyed.

Shield of the Rings. Created by Emprix for one of her greatest champions during the Culling, this shield was said to protect the wielder not only from the blows of her enemies, but from all maladies. Unfortunately it could not protect its wielder from betrayal. It was last seen during the Culling, where it exploded upon the death of the champion.

Associated HolidaysEdit