Central Ruins

The Central Ruins are an expansive set of ancient ruins found amongst the circular mountain range in the center of the Amuan desert. While there are ruins scattered throughout Torar, these are of particular note. Until the Culling, these ruins had lain submerged and totally inaccessible for eon upon eon and, so far as anyone knows, that land had always been submerged. This leads scholars to puzzling questions, such as who built them? When were they built? Does this mean that Amuan was once above water as it is now, sometime hundreds of thousands of years ago, or more, in Torar's distant past?

The truth of these ruins' origins remains shrouded in mystery. They are home to powerful guardians and lethal traps that have kept even the most well prepared parties from venturing too deeply into their halls. Those few who have come back from such ventures bear strange devices and stranger tales of alien powers and indecipherable script. Many of these devices bear vague resemblances to the most advanced gnomish magiteknology, but appear far superior, even though not a single working device has been discovered. Even the gnomes are baffled by their designs, unable to reverse engineer them.

One of the few things recovered that anyone is able to make sense of appear to be spells never before seen or thought possible, and for some reason utterly uncopiable. Such recovered relics are coveted by mages and scholars alike. The rewards that have been found in just the small pieces of the ruins that have been explored are wondrous enough to tempt nearly anyone to brave the dangers found within the Central Ruins.