Cathedral of Meyne

The Cathedral of Meyne is a large structure built primarily of white marble located on an island in the middle of Lake Jyundea in upper Lados. It can be found southeast of Sendrellar. This grand and important structure began it's life during the Era of Exploration when traveling priestess Hanatheranis Dawnwing erected a shrine to Meyne on the island after retiring from adventuring. Any who witnessed her or her shrine knew both were blessed by Meyne from the moment they laid eyes on them.

It was rumored that Thera was sustained by her god, needing not food, nor water, nor sleep, and that her island was a shelter for all those of pure heart. As her fame spread, she began to attract a following. Other priests of Meyne came to pray and meditate at her shrine, and over the years it grew into a small but well-tended temple with a strong flock consisting of nearby peoples, mostly farmers and fishermen.

Toward the end of the Exploration era, when all the world's dead rose from the ground, the temple proved able to repulse them, and was a safe haven for those within its walls. News of a secure location spread and many flocked to the temple. Throughout the Culling Thera led those that came to her for aid adeptly, keeping them from harm while also training them in the ways of Meyne, sending out missionaries to aid others far and wide. The temple grew over the centuries into the grand cathedral it is today. During that time Thera did not age, did not tire, and never turned away a single soul truly in need. She became an object of worship in and of herself, though she always rebuked those that attempted to worship her instead of Meyne. Many turned to her for leadership in lieu of the government of the time.

And this trend continued until the cathedral became not only the religious capital of Lados, but also its political capital. Thera was eventually nominated Queen of Lados, which she eventually accepted, and it is from this cathedral that she rules. She still holds sermons every Sunday to this day, and they are always packed. Meynites from across the globe take pilgrimmages to Lake Jyundea just to catch a glimpse of the high priestess, or to walk in the hallowed halls of the cathedral, even for just a moment or two.