ASTRAL CHARTING (Int; Trained Only)

 This is the skill of researching and charting out astral events including comets, meteors, novas, star charting, lunar patterns, etc. A check usually takes about an hour. This skill’s main use is to forecast these events ahead of time.

 Check: You can determine what phase any celestial body will be in on a given day. The DC for a prediction check is 10 + 1 per day in the future you are trying to predict. A successful prediction gives you a +2 competence bonus on Astral Charting checks made within 24 hours regarding the prediction of another celestial body on the same day.

                You can identify a celestial body or event as well. The DC for this use of the skill is 12.

 A telescope grants you a +2 circumstance bonus on Astral Charting checks.  A calendar wheel grants you a +2 competence bonus on Astral Charting checks.

 Action: Predicting a celestial body’s phase takes 10 minutes. Identifying a celestial body or event takes 1 standard action.

 Try Again: Yes.

 Special: Only astral mages may take ranks in Astral Charting.

 Synergy: If you have 5 or more ranks in Astral Charting, you get a +2 bonus on Survival checks made while outdoors.

 Untrained: Astral Charting checks cannot be made untrained.