Ashenthorn is one of four manjor continents on Torar, and is typically depicted on the leftmost side of world maps. It is west of Amuan, east of Lados, and south of Elaysm. Ashenthorn is home to Ashe'ileq, after which it was named. The northernmost part of the continent is dry, sandy desert covered in ever-shifting dunes with few oases to offer travelers succor. South from there the land becomes little better, turning into a grey, blasted landscape devoid of most plantlife other than scraggly trees and rough shrubs and cacti. The few rivers that run through the northern half of the continent are the lifeblood of its ecology, hosting a wide variety of plant and animal life along the rocky banks.

This continues to about the center of the continent, where Ashe'ileq's power has transformed the wasteland into verdant jungles and thick, old-growth forests which devolve into marshes and swamps around the coastlines of this latitude. Continuing to move south, the land gets progressively hillier and rockier as the great southern mountain ranges come into view, capped with snowy peaks and blanketed with dark deciduous forests.

Ashenthorn was for a long time a place known only in stories, as any souls brave enough to venture to its shores were killed by the veldritch or dragons controlled by Zardesh. Since the Dark One's demise and the changing influences that have affected the continent, more and more have come to settle in and enjoy its harsh, natural beauty and diverse landscape, though the permanent population remains largely composed of moriedhel in the south, jendau in the center, and dragons in the north.