Amuan is one of the four continents in Torar, and is usually featured in the center of maps. Until the island was raised and used as a staging ground by the Enemy during the Culling, all but its highest peaks were underwater. Those peaks were shrouded by an ever-churning massive hurricane, which was dispelled by the Enemy.

Now Amuan has become a hotspot in the world for many reasons. The so-called 'New World' harbors many mysteries and treasures for those intrepid enough to venture into its untapped wilderness. It is a land of rugged, untamed beauty, now covered in forests and jungles in the northern and southern thirds of the continent. The central third of the continent, along the equator, is an arid desert, crowned by a huge, circular range of mountains in which sit the Central Ruins, rumored to house the secret knowledge of the ancients.

Amuan currently has two major settlements: Seindoron and Concord. Seindoron in the south is the capital city of the moriedhel. Concord, in the northern part of Amuan, is a city of strict but fair laws, run by a blue-skinned woman named High Justicar Edana. Concord is a free city-state and is seen as a safe-haven for all half-breeds, planetouched, and others of mixed heritage.

Despite the claims already laid on this fresh and new land, it is seen as a place of adventure and a holy grail for explorers and historians alike, whether one seeks to  blaze trails, pick through ancient ruins, study the flora and fauna that grows here that hasn't been seen in thousands of years elsewhere, or even carve out a life alone on the frontier.