Akbeth was the goddess of love, compassion, and beauty. She once served an ancient and forgotten goddess who cursed her, but Zafara Bladesong freed her from the curse and helped her to ascend to take her place among the divine.


The Muse.

Current StatusEdit



Neutral Good.


Three overlapping golden rings.


Arts, Good, Love.

Era of AscendanceEdit

Era of Exploration

Typical WorshippersEdit

Akbeth was a common household deity among the good people of Torar. Prayers to her for long lasting relationships were common, and her temples were some of the most compassionate places in the world.

Avatar DescriptionEdit

A woman so beautiful it would break your heart to actually look upon her, and so full of love and kindness that a glance from her could mend it. She was sometimes seen with angelic wings, and sometimes without. Some believe she sent avatars of herself to battlefields to bring comfort to dying soldiers in their last moments who lived and loved honorably.

Known ArtifactsEdit

Venus Gospel. The spear of Akbeth caused all who looked upon its wielder to fall instantly in love with the person, and be incapable of harming them. It also heightened the wielder's beauty to such an extend that their visage could turn aside harmful spells and attacks. It was last seen during the Culling, where it is assumed to have been destroyed.

Associated HolidaysEdit